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OntarioMD Certified EMR

YES EMR has many standout features and the right team to help your clinic today. True Electronic Medical Records for Ontario.

Medical Billing Software

We are focused on Ontario. Created with much effort, thought & technology; making it among the easiest to use in the industry for your clinical data.


Our YES electronic labs interface enables seamless connectivity to Gamma-Dynacare, Lifelabs, OLIS and more. Receive results directly in YES EMR, within a patients’ electronic health record.

Cardiology EMR

Meeting the needs of Cardiology Clinics across Ontario Choosing the correct Electronic Medical Record software, tailored for your needs, is the most significant decision you can make.

Drug Health Drug Repository (DHDR)

Drug Health Drug Repository (DHDR)

Are you a Doctor or Healthcare Professional looking for the latest EMR features in Ontario? Get real-time and secure access to drug information directly in your EMR.


Simple Prescription Software Integrated into your Medical Workflow. Our Rx module allows medical practitioners to write electronic prescriptions within our YES applications.

Dermatology EMR

Acne, Alopecia, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Halitosis are just some of the templates available.
Understanding your unique needs is our specialty. Let us help you succeed with a customizable EMR.

Paediatric EMR

Growth Charts, Rourke templates and many more tools are available for you. YES EMR was built with paediatricians in mind; we know the distinctive and unique needs of the patients you treat every day.

“What is even more impressive than the software is the YES team. They thoughtfully respond to my questions and implement new features. They have done complete redesigns of our workflow as our technology changed, and continue to add simple tweaks to make my life easier. Despite having numerous clients to manage they make me feel like a VIP.”

Act now & get YES EMR! An OntarioMD Certified application. 


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