YES Medical System proudly announces EMR Funding Eligible status from OntarioMD

Markham, ON, Sept 24, 2012 

YES Medical System’s YES EMR is nowFunding Eligible 

“We are pleased and excited that YES Medical System’s YES EMR has been granted Funding Eligible status by OntarioMD,” said Jason Chu, V.P. of YES Medical System. “We look forward to helping physicians and patients alike in moving society to a more productive and efficient process, improving on patient care. Innovative features abound allow physicians, health practitioners and administrators to get the most out of your EMR.

With its drug database and lab connectivity, YES EMR will improve the safety, accuracy and expediency of creating, and receiving information in a timely manner. The YES EMR program will assist physicians in improving healthcare by providing a wealth of features and information such as preventive and chronic care in their hands.

“We realize the importance of healthcare practitioners to efficiently organize and create Electronic Medical Records that ultimately improve on patient care,” Mr. Chu added. “We are a growing company; we listen to our clients on how we can make everyone’s lives better.”

About YES Medical System

YES Medical System is a company with a wealth of experience dealing with physician clinics and hospitals. Physicians and medical staff are the people behind driving the development of YES EMR. YES Medical System has released YES EMR as an innovative solution to electronic medical records and practice management. The company was accredited with the ISO 13485:2003 standard in April 2011.