In light of the recent Heartbleed exploit please be advised that our systems and your YES Medical System applications are secure. You can be assured that your electronic medical patient data is not affected, as YES Medical System does not use the free OpenSSL method to secure your critical data and protect sensitive information.

Recently, the technology community was made aware of a vulnerability in the free open-source OpenSSL software library that has the potential to put a significant number of the internets websites, online web-based applications, technology systems, and cloud based solutions at risk. Researchers named the vulnerability Heartbleed. It affects SSL, the encryption protocol most commonly used for secure communication; the very infrastructure that protects sensitive data.
The bug allows information to be accessed that would normally be protected. The OpenSSL project is not a commercial product and is maintained by a small group. This vulnerability only affects software that use the OpenSSL libraries, not all commercial software that use SSL.


If you have any questions or concerns, regarding the Heartbleed vulnerability, please feel free to contact us at (416) 800-3770 or email