YES Medical System, a leader in medical technology and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions, today announced a new release of its YES EMR software. YES EMR is an EMR Offering certified by OntarioMD for use by Ontario clinicians. It was recertified on July 27, 2018 under OntarioMD’s  Certification Release PC-2018-01 in preparation for continued advancement in EMR maturity for clinicians. YES Medical System was the first vendor to achieve this updated EMR Certification. Our software, aligns with the objectives of OntarioMD, to add new features, improve performance, and offer even greater ease-of-use to both existing and new clients to support efficient and effective patient care. Designed from the ground up, our team of engineers, consultants and developers are moving forward with the vision of an integrated and seamless medical records network throughout Ontario.

“The functionality of our YES EMR continues to advance at a rapid pace, while incorporating new features requested by our fast-growing medical customer base. We will remain committed to offering solutions that make a difference and listen closely to our clients,” says Jason Chu, V.P. of YES Medical System.

YES Medical System has also achieved ISO 13485:2016 certification as proof of the quality of product it is delivering.  ISO 13485 is a quality systems certification specific to medical devices and EMR software;, it validates the quality of a Company’s practices.

To learn more, visit or contact us directly at 416-800-3770 for additional information about our YES EMR software solutions.

About YES Medical System

YES Medical System is a leader in the file management industry; focused on providing solutions to a broad range of health care practices. A wealth of experience, in dealing with physician’s, medical clinics and hospitals, are the driving force behind the development of YES EMR.