The end is near! It has been 10 years since the release of Windows 7. The Microsoft Windows Operating System that replaced the near death experience of Windows Vista. Technologies, cloud computing and hardware have continued to move forward. However, it seems that Microsoft simply made Windows 7 so solid that customers and businesses alike are reluctant to move to Windows 10. The birth and emergence of Windows 10 also had a similar near death experience, from its predecessor Windows 8. Like Vista, we try to forget Microsoft’s move into the trendy tablet age as they desperately tried to merge the handheld experience with the Windows desktop. Albeit with the introduction of Windows 10X and the new Surface line of computers it seems Microsoft simply needed to get it right the 2nd time.

But for those holding on the past, time is almost up. As of January 2020 Windows 7 will stop receiving monthly security updates from Microsoft. Officially Windows 7 will be unsupported after January. Large enterprises and companies can apply to Microsoft for extended support contracts, but it will cost. Large enterprises can of course apply for extended support contracts after January 2020, but these will cost at minimum $25 per device per year. With the onslaught of ransomware attacks in the healthcare industry unsupported systems will be easy targets for hackers after January 14, 2010.

Windows 10 and various other options have vastly improved over the past few years. So can you wait? The clear answer is, no. If you have not already made plans, the time to act is now.