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The best OHIP billing software is one that suits your needs. Our primary goal is to provide Ontario doctors with OHIP billing software that is quick, accurate, and dependable.

Quick Bill is a feature included in all YES Products versions; allowing users to bill one or more codes in one go. Most commonly used codes can be set up to bill in one or two clicks. We assist users in entering Quick Bill supercodes before we set up a new practice. Quick Bill is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use.

We are focused on Ontario’s medical professionals; keeping you up to date on changes with OHIP billing in our software. Our team specializes in helping medical professionals of all sizes become more efficient; enhancing your overall workflow and helping you improve your billing experience with The Ministry of Health. Contact YES Medical System by phone at (416) 800-3770 or email us at info@yescorp.ca.


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