Rheumatology EMR software is used in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatologic conditions. YES EMR includes a patient’s medical history, laboratory test results, imaging and medications. Our EMR software is specifically designed to meet the needs of medical offices across Ontario. It includes features such as appointment scheduling, one-click letters, templates and prescribing that are essential for streamlining office operations and improving patient care.

Rheumatologists are some of the busiest physicians in the medical field. They need an EMR that can keep up; recording their complex patient cases and generate reports that track the progress of their patients.

An Ontario Certified EMR

Getting an Ontario certified application that is right for you depends on your needs and preferences. There are many different vendors available, but do they offer you one that meets your specific needs?

Record your findings on our homunculus, along with your notes. We can help customize your software, as well as provide the perfect solution for your clinic; allowing you to access your software application from any device.

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