Discover How YES EMR Redefines Support in the Medical Software Industry

In the fast-paced world of medical practice, having an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system that not only streamlines operations but also offers exceptional support is paramount. This is where YES Medical System steps in, distinguishing itself as a beacon of reliability and unparalleled customer service.

Ontario DoctorThe YES Difference in Support

Swift and Effective Response Times

When it comes to support, time is of the essence. Unlike other systems, YES Medical System is committed to addressing your concerns promptly. With YES, you can expect a response, ensuring that any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Personalized and Direct Assistance

YES EMR believes in direct communication. No more waiting for your concerns to be forwarded from one department to another. Our support team is readily available to provide you with the assistance you need, eliminating unnecessary delays and ensuring a seamless experience.

A Glimpse into the Support Experience with Others

The support experience with other systems may leave you wanting. Waiting a minimum of one day to even get a response, let alone a resolution, can be frustrating and detrimental to your practice’s efficiency. This delay is primarily due to the centralized call-handling process, which can lead to crucial time being lost in translation.

Additionally, others may not offer the comprehensive training you need to make the most out of their system. It’s crucial to have a system that not only streamlines processes but also provides the necessary training to maximize its potential.

A Testimonial from Dr. Michael Yanofsky

“The system is very dependable as is the team. We have had a very positive experience with the YES Medical system and group and can certainly recommend it as an excellent EMR system and company.”

To experience the YES difference in support, choose YES EMR by calling 416-800-3770 or email

Elevate your practice with a system that puts you first.