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What are e-Labs?


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Electronic delivery of lab reports

One of the benefits of YES Medical System software and EMR are e-Labs (or electronically receiving lab results). Lab results and reports are received directly into the YES EMR application;  increasing the efficiency and providing results for your medical practice. Instead of waiting for reports to be printed, mailed, or faxed, and placed into a chart for review, the reports are received within the EMR. Medical practitioners are notified when the results are ready for review; with the ability to sort information by date, abnormal or normal condition, along with other available filter options. Our application has the ability to interface with LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services, CML, Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories and more.

The ability to flag reports for follow up, all within the same application; in a user friendly and intuitive fashion
Flag Lab Results

Lab results can be graphed over a certain period of time for any trends
Graphing Lab Data

Results are automatically matched with requisitions
Lab Processing

Numerous filter and sorting options are available:

  • Abnormal (Showing only abnormal results)
  • Reviewed (Showing only reviewed results)
  • Un-reviewed (Showing results that have not been reviewed)
  • Blood, Urine, OB, Bone Density (Customizable filters to show specific results)
  • Date (Allowing for a date range searches, 1 month filter defaults and more)
  • Search Test (Allowing for manual searching of test result items)
  • Sort options that include the 'Last Name', 'First Name' and 'Date Added'.
  • Lab list showing the amount of pages of reports available for review.
  •  The ability to annotate results, based on configuration
  • The ability to print or view test data based on groups (i.e. Chemistry, Hematology, etc...)


FujitsuWith YES Medical System software both physicians and medical practitioners have the ability to remotely and securely access medical lab data; providing greater flexibility in patient care. Data can be accessed via web browsers on your own Windows Server hardware (not in the Cloud). Our application is accessible using various platforms, including desktop, tablets, hybrid and mobile.

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