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General Practitioner

OHIP Billing as low as $89 per month


Choosing the EMR tailored for your needs can be a challenging decision. YES Medical System makes this decision easy for you with a wide-range of solutions for medical offices.


YES EMR Lite (Scanning & Archival)

YES EMR Lite offers you some of the most robust and powerful tools to start down the road of a clutter free office.  The YES EMR Lite starts with all the wonderful features in YES Billing and Scheduling,  plus, the ability to scan, create documents and attach it to the patients file. 


Francis Li,  B.Sc., M.D.

I am a very busy GP working in downtown Toronto. Our clinic has been running YES EMR for the past 5 years.  It's so efficient and works well for my office. The decision for adopting this EMR went through a very rigorous on-site screenings (various vendors visited our office for demo).  As part of the biggest FHG, I could have gotten a free EMR (funded by Ontario MD).  Instead, we chose a company who listen to my needs.

This EMR is efficient and economical.  There are many excellent strengths in this EMR that I found.  To just name a few,  the actual integration from paper to paper-less is seamless (...takes about 2 min from scanning existing file to the actual EMR LIVE usage). Also, YES EMR's handwriting concept is unique and fast.  Combining this feature with custom-built templates, one gets the maximal benefit of efficiency of documentation, hereby reducing mundane, tedious data entry work. 

Furthermore, this EMR is user-friendly and intuitives, simply because it was designed from the ground up by a dedicated I.T team; with physicians' inputs.  And finally, the after-sale tech help is very instant and efficient. Simply put, one cannot ask for a better EMR; intuitive, efficient, and cost-effective.   I sincerely hope that my colleagues will enjoy the same benefits offered by this superb YES EMR.

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