Wadid Abadir, M.D., F.R.C.P.

As a dermatologist with a very busy practice, I found that the “YES EMR system” is a very efficient system to navigate through. With the help of the staff, I managed to incorporate many of my templates for commonly seen dermatological conditions. This facilitates the input of complete notes to fulfill the criteria of the malpractice association. Pre-recorded macros for descriptive details and advice to the patient were easy to insert into the interaction without having to type them each time into the record. Commonly used medications are saved under “favourites” to speed up prescription writing and printing. I also found that pictures and drawings can be inserted and incorporated into the template to mark the location of any lesions of concern. This is of great value to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and family doctors. My letter to referring physicians is populated automatically from the patient-interaction section of the chart, saving large amounts of time.

As wonderful as the EMR system is, what I really appreciate is the customer support which is prompt, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. They bend over backwards to make sure that my EMR needs are well looked after. I do not hesitate to recommend this product to any specialist or family doctor.