Dr. Jalali’s Medical Practice

YES EMR templates that were customized initial visits are making Dr. Jalali’s documentation much easier.

Integrated EMR faxing capabilities are a necessity to quickly access labs and other reports. This capability has been a boon to my efficiency. Lab, procedures and radiology reports can be viewed quickly and in an organized manner. I no longer have to work through hours of incoming faxes; it is all directly deposited into my patients file. YES EMR has made the practice more efficient. That’s important as we continue to grow and see more patients. YES makes the staff more efficient.

Sharing information with patients’ primary care physicians can be a drag. YES assists greatly with notes. When Dr. Jalali sees a patient, the primary care physician can get a faxed consult note from me right away. That is a major benefit. Glitches in an EMR system can also be a drain on the smooth operation, but YES support is excellent. If I have a question or concern, they are only a phone call away.

Having an EMR with an e-prescribing capability can go a long way to boosting patient compliance. E-prescribing has been very smooth, we haven’t had any problems. The benefit is that it’s a good standard of care. E-prescriptions can be sent to a pharmacy from anywhere. A patient doesn’t need to get anything written on paper or a pad. It’s convenient for the patient, physician and pharmacy.

The importance of selecting an EMR that is extremely user friendly cannot be underestimated. The YES format is very comfortable for us. It’s very reliable, consistent and it’s really easy to learn.  We had the YES full EMR installed and we were able to begin using it immediately with no hiccups. This was very important to our practice.