Urgent Notice Regarding OHIP Fee Updates – Do You Have The Correct Update?

As a medical practitioner in Ontario, you rely on timely and accurate payment for the services you provide to patients. However, maybe your OHIP vendor has not provided you with updated fee schedules for OHIP billing? This lack of attention to detail could have serious consequences for your practice and your patients.

It is important to note that stale dated claims have been reduced from six to three months. This means that if you submit a claim that is more than three months old, it may not be processed, and you may not receive payment for your services.

As a responsible and dedicated medical practitioner, we urge you to take action immediately to ensure that you have the correct fee update for OHIP billing. If you are unsure whether your fee schedule is up to date, we recommend that you contact a vendor like YES Medical System and switch so we can provide the support you need.

At YES Medical System, we understand the importance of accurate and timely payment for medical services. We offer reliable and up-to-date OHIP fee schedules, along with comprehensive billing and practice management solutions to help you streamline your practice and focus on providing the best possible care for your patients.

Don’t let a lack of attention to detail put your practice at risk. Take action today to ensure that you have the correct fee update for OHIP billing, and partner with a vendor like YES Medical System that you can trust to support your practice.