Choosing the right application, tailored for your needs, can be one of the most significant decisions you can make. Electronic lab solutions offer unique features and functionalities you need in a modern medical practice. The best solutions allow you to get the results you need quickly and effectively, directly in a patient’s record.

In many medical offices, the entire lab request process can overload staff; resulting in overlooked information. A software application can help overcome these obstacles, unlocking the potential of improved patient care and an enhanced workflow.

Our YES Medical Systems e-Labs app is a stand-alone add-on, which you can get today. Get seamless lab connectivity to Gamma-Dynacare, Lifelabs, Windsor Medical Labs and more.

  • Get results in seconds
  • Track lab results over time
  • Highlighted “Abnormal” results for quick viewing
  • Sort by Abnormal, Reviewed, Un-reviewed, or test type results
  • View, Manage and Compare your lab results with ease

Software should improve your office workflow and management of medical care. To learn more about our e-Lab app add-on call us today at 416-800-3770 or email