Geriatric EMR Software for Long-Term and Post-Acute Senior Care


Easy-to-read trends of medications and chronic care results

Choosing the correct Electronic Medical Record software, tailored for your needs, can be one of the most significant decisions you can make. YES Medical System offers a wide-range of practice solutions for medical offices.

  • “One-click Letters”, Create letters and notes
  • Dragon Friendly – Dictate your notes with ease
  • Preset Physicals for easier entry like ADL, Dietary Needs, Bladder, Bowel, Mobility, and more.
  • Compare Lab results side-by-side easily.
  • Hospital reports come automatically like admission, progress, discharge notes and much more.
  • Refills and prescribing medications are easy with Favourite drugs
  • Keep track of Long term care with easy to read Flowsheets
elder care

Easy transition from our YES Billing to YES EMR

Minimal disturbance to work flow

Much smoother learning curve

Very efficient and exceptional Customer Support

The staff at YES Medical System is very friendly

Custom-made to suit my need with a heavy Geriatric Practice

Price and fees very reasonable

Wish we would change to EMR earlier

Act now & get YES EMR! An OntarioMD Certified application. 


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