Simple and Easy to use OHIP Medical Billing Software



YES Medical Billing & Scheduling was created with much effort, thought and technology; making it among the most powerful, and easiest to use in the industry.  We make OHIP billing simple and painless for you.

  • YES Quick Bill – create a list of the most commonly used services individually or grouped and simply click on your selection.
  • YES Billing Utilities and Reports – use time-saving utilities like billing multiple groups of patients in seconds, or call up
  • One-click HCV – Validate multiple patient’s health cards in one go
  • Built-in MCEDT – Send and receive your reports from the MOH with no headaches.
  • YES Daysheet – Keep track of appointments the way you want to. Also including Billing and HCV integration.
  • Make it your own – Add any YES Add-Ons (e-Labs, Scanning, RX) or go Full EMR at anytime

What are others saying?

“I love the YES program, it makes everything so much easier than other EMR systems I’ve used.” – Julie, Rivard Clinic

“I would highly recommend Yes Medical Program. It is very easy to learn and the setup is very clear.” – Schwartz-Helen

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