About Us

Your Technology Partner

Physicians and medical staff are the people driving the development of EMR. When you have needs, we listen. YES Medical System is a company with a wealth of experience dealing with physician clinics and hospitals. Its staff of advisors consists of health care practitioners and staff in the field, dealing with the daily requirements to run a busy and successful office. Our regular correspondence with the Ontario’s Ministry of Health provides us with the know how; with unparalleled service and support. Having positioned ourselves, in the health information field, YES Medical System is your true technology partner.

Leading in the Healthcare and File Management Industry

YES Medical System is a leader in the healthcare and file management industry; focused on providing solutions to a broad range of healthcare offices and medical practices. YES Medical System released YES EMR; an innovative solution to healthcare management, electronic health & medical records, file management & imaging, and practice management. We believe in helping healthcare providers maximize quality and minimize costs. We’ve worked with healthcare professionals and continue to do so in order to upgrade and implement new technologies.

Contact us for more information. YES Medical System is ISO 13485 certified.

YES Medical System continues to invest in scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) as it strives to provide the most leading edge technology for its medical solutions. YES depends on an active SR&ED program to meet the market demand for more efficient and effective electronic medical record software and beyond.