Paediatric Software

Growth Charts, Rourke templates and many more tools are available for you.

Our aim is to assist you in providing top care to your patientsYES EMR was built with paediatricians in mind; we know the distinctive and unique needs of the patients you treat every day.  Our EMR is a fully integrated application and, as a funding Eligible EMR Vendor in Ontario, we are able to provide you with the power to succeed. You are able to customize and handle every aspect of our EMR solution, all within an intuitive and easy to use application.

Customizable Templates, Rourke Records and Full Workflow

EMR includes fully integrated Rourke templates and graphing. With combined OHIP billing and scheduling, our applications works for both small or more complex medical offices; allowing an integrated workflow.

Why settle for an EMR that does not work for you? You should be able to practice medicine they way you want; working with a team of professionals that understand that EMR systems should have the ability to conform to your style of practice.

Our YES EMR options for pediatrics include:

  • “One-click Letters”, Create letters as soon as notes are completed
  • Dragon Friendly – Dictate your notes with ease
  • Templates
  • Rourke Records
  • Customized Encounters and Flow Sheets
  • Immunization History
  • Forms
  • Fully Integrated Rx
  • Advanced Document and Image Management and more

Better Patient Care

Our aim is to help you provide patient-focused care. The unique customization options available in our EMR put you in the driver seat.  Contact us for more information about our solutions, customized to meet your unique needs today.