Pediatric EMR Software for Ontario Pediatricians: Affordable, Certified, and Adaptable 


Looking for certified EMR software tailored for pediatricians in Ontario? YES EMR is the answer. Our system is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of pediatric patients, ensuring efficient and effective care delivery. 

Customization and User-Friendly Interface 

YES EMR offers customizable features and an intuitive interface, perfect for managing pediatric care seamlessly. Explore how our adaptable solution caters to the specific requirements of pediatric practices. 

Fully Integrated Rourke Templates and Graphing 

Discover the advantages of our fully integrated Rourke templates and graphing tools. With combined OHIP billing and scheduling, YES EMR streamlines workflows for both small and complex medical offices, enhancing overall efficiency. 

Streamlined Workflow 

Efficiency is key in pediatric care. Learn how YES EMR’s integrated workflow optimizes processes, allowing pediatricians to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks. 

Why Choose YES EMR for Pediatrics? 

Explore the unique features that set YES EMR apart for pediatric practices. From customizable encounters to flow sheets, YES EMR empowers pediatricians to practice medicine according to their preferences. 

One-Click Letters and Dragon-Friendly Dictation 

Experience the convenience of “One-Click Letters” and Dragon-friendly dictation, making documentation a breeze. YES EMR ensures efficient note-taking and letter creation for pediatricians. 

Comprehensive Templates and Records 

Discover a range of templates and records tailored for pediatric care, including Rourke Records and customized encounters. YES EMR simplifies documentation, ensuring comprehensive patient records. 

Immunization History and Electronic Forms 

Manage immunization histories and electronic forms effortlessly with YES EMR. Streamline documentation processes and ensure accurate record-keeping for pediatric patients. 

Integrated Prescription Rx and Advanced Document Management 

Benefit from integrated prescription functionality and advanced document management with YES EMR. Our system enhances prescription processes and ensures efficient handling of patient records. 

YES EMR – Your Pediatric-Friendly EMR Choice 

Choose YES EMR for Pediatrics and experience comprehensive features, a user-friendly interface, and tailored solutions for pediatric care. Elevate your practice with an EMR system that adapts to your unique style of medicine. 

Looking for certified EMR software tailored for pediatricians in Ontario?

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