Frequently Asked Questions



EMR program designs are not user friendly and do not
meet my needs. How is YES different?

Any company can design an EMR program, but few
EMR programs offer the dynamic design like YES EMR to
meet your needs. What does YES EMR do differently?

The YES EMR is designed together with doctors and
medical staffs.  We listen and understand that
each individual physician has his/ her special needs.
Each installation is customized with the doctor’s own
templates, the way they run their practice. For some
offices, physicians can use drawings/ annotations
alongside the patient notes.

I’ve heard some service and support can take
hours. How quick is your service when I need help?

Our Dedicated Support Team answers the phones
directly.  There are no receptionists to talk to
or having to wait for hours before receiving the help
you need.

Will my annual cost for the maintenance
be expensive?

The YES EMR is
designed in the most efficient and effective way to
service and support your medical office.  The
monthly maintenance service will be $200 or less.

Some EMR vendors have achieved a sizable
market share but your company does not.

recently on September 2012.  In
that short period of time, YES EMR is installed in
practices like Family Practice, Cardiology,
Dermatology, Internal Medicine,
Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Urology,
Rheumatology, and

YES Medical System started in 1992 and
has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge
in the medical profession.  After years of
research and development, direct input from doctors
and medical staffs, the dynamic and User friendly YES
EMR was certified on September 2012.  Ever
since, a number of physicians have come onboard and
others are prepared to do the same.  The company

ISO 13485 accreditation
in 2011.

Many EMR programs have cluttered screens that
make it difficult to view and find information. How
is yours any different?

EMR program is designed to offer flexibility for
different menu screens based on the users log in
name. Administrative Staff, Management and Physicians
can all have different menu screens based on their
responsibilities, removing unnecessary clutter.
Encounter/CPP screens are colour-coded to provide
easily identifiable information elements.

I have templates that may change periodically
based on the recipients’ requirements. Do you charge
to make small edits to my templates?

Part of the efficient and effective design is
to ensure that the user can get access to the
custom templates and
. You have access to make quick edits to
your forms and letters.

Our typing skills are not very good. How can
the EMR program make us more efficient?

The YES EMR provides a number of different ways
to enter information. Based on your templates, they
may contain check boxes; drop down boxes, or
auto-text (macros). Open text boxes support third
party programs for voice dictation, and
handwriting-to-text. Being efficient means saving
time overall in your practice. The YES EMR reduces
time in other areas such as retrieving, sorting, and
looking up files and lab

What do I do with my paper charts when I move
to an EMR program?

A: The YES
EMR, can accommodate scanned documents, sorted and
catalogued under the patient. Our clients typically
choose a date based on their go-live date so when
they start using YES EMR, e.g. Sept 1, 2012, anything
prior is a scanned document, anything after would be

I’m concerned about the transition to an EMR
and how chaotic it would be on the first day. How
would I alleviate that concern?

Our typical installation occurs over a couple of
months. The initial installation involves the
training of typical front office responsibilities,
namely, patient management, scheduling and billing.
Staff uses this portion of the software with live

Over the next few weeks, the YES
Support Team works on customizing and streamlining
templates and letters. This allows the physician to
get comfortable using it in mock trails without the
pressure of having to use it immediately in front of
patients. Our support team and physicians work side
by side, to ensure it’s how it should be. By the time
the go-live date arrives, the physician is able to
use their customize templates and letters with

Do you use the free open
source OpenSSL and are you secure against Heartbleed


In light of the recent

exploit please be advised that your
YES Medical System applications are secure. You can
be assured that your electronic medical patient data
is not affected, by the exploit, as YES Medical
System does not use the free OpenSSL method to secure
your critical and sensitive data.
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