Real-time Health Card Validation is saving you time and money!

Are you ready for HCV with your YES EMR or YES Billing & Schedulingapplication?  Validate and notify the patient about their Health Card while they are standing in front of you. HCV will display invalid or fraudulent OHIP cards, in real-time.

  • Lessen OHIP billing claim rejections
  • Validate information
  • Identify potential billing problems
  • Save your money!

Potential issues are identified immediately, helping to eliminate errors. Why do you, or your staff, need to spend colossal amounts of administrative hours correcting patient OHIP card errors, when a simple solution could help? Focus your time and efforts on patient care, while creating an efficient and effective workflow in your office.

Contact us today at (416) 800-3770 or by email at info@yescorp.ca to learn more about Real Time HCV and YES Medical System software solutions.