Billy Kwong, M.D.

I have been a family physician for more than 25 years. I am very happy to move to EMR, it helps with every aspect of a family physician’s practice and life. For example, prescribing medications using the EMR will automatically enter the information on the patient’s progress note, on the patient’s medication list and updated on the CPP’s medication and print out the prescription legibly. Entering vaccine and serial numbers is a breeze; you press the first two characters and a list will pop up, one click and you have your entry. There are much more.

Some EMRs have everything, but every doctor has his/her way of working. YES EMR designed for what one doctor needs and customize for the exact need.

YES EMR also provides the best service: every time you call, a knowledgeable person will answer your call. No answering machine or to call back in 5 hours or worse – the next day.

I would recommend YES EMR to every doctor.