Huma Kazmie, B.Sc., MBBS, MD, FRCPC (Pediatrics)

Our experience has been very good. There is a lot to learn when switching to EMR since the methods for doing many tasks has changed but for the better.  The initial implementation and setup was very smooth.  The team at YES EMR and my local IT consultant, Manjari and Associates, were excellent in the setup and support of the program. The transfer of data (demographics and schedule) was quick and very helpful during the transition process.  The support staff at YES is knowledgeable and always available.  After adding our personal touch to the EMR, office tasks have become streamlined and efficient. The program’s user interface is neat, easy to learn, and use.  The YES staff added our own consultation templates and that makes it easy to create a letter using the necessary information. Interactive Rourke Well Baby Check List, Greig Well Child and Adolescent Visit Checklist, SOAP Notes, customized referral letters, growth charts and all Pediatric specific tools are available.

There are multiple input options such as speech-to-text with the use of Dragon Dictate, handwriting on touch capable devices and typing. The lab reports are added automatically into the patients’ files, decreasing the workload for staff.  We can print prescriptions and lab requisitions easily. The EMR gives me convenient access to patient information from anywhere. I can check scanned reports and labs at home, so I do not have piles of charts on my desk waiting for me in the office. It also saves time from filing. The staff at YES is constantly at work on improving the program with our requests in mind. Overall, I feel the switch to EMR has been a good decision.