Templates are an integral part of the YES EMR. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to customize and create your own EMR templates or flow-sheets?
  • Do you think you will require a lot of templates?
  • Will you need to be able to share templates with others in your medical office?
  • Do you want to be able to annotate and ink over your templates?

If you require a diverse set of templates YES Medical System can provide a solution for you. If you are a specialist you may only require a handful of templates. Alternatively, a general practitioner may require much more.

YES Medical System provides a library of pre-built templates. Our template tool is flexible, allowing you to build new templates at any time; allowing you to add as many as is needed. If you are not technically very savvy, will help to convert your existing templates, consulting with you at every step during the process.


Consider the following when using templates:

  • There are a number of different ways in YES EMR to create templates. Define which data you would like to collect and then use our tools to lay out the fields.
  • YES EMR allows you to easily create your own templates. If you develop a library of templates for your practice follow best practices when using naming conventions.
  • Templates can either be started from scratch or you can work with our experts, step-by-step, while creating new templates.
  • Auto-text (similar to macros) allows physicians to maintain their efficiency while decreasing your costs, when creating an EMR encounter record. Auto-text can be simple acronyms for text or entire paragraphs.


Once you are comfortable using our user-friendly and fully customizable template module you will be able to:

  • Access your own template library
  • Create new customized templates, as needed.
  • Modify existing templates, as medical standards change and your practice grows
  • Save existing office forms as templates for future use, if needed.
  • Create YES EMR auto-text (custom macros)
  • Utilize dynamic fields and drawing logic within your own template (inking)
  • Pre-populate information
  • Even use dictation during the encounter process
  • Utilize custom stamping templates, unique to the YES EMR
EMR Templates