S. Sira M.B., F.R.C.S (Eng), F.R.C.S (C)

I have used the “YES EMR” for a year. From the get-go they were able to tailor the product, starting with the hardware purchase, setup in the office environment, and finally from transition to fully live, in a very short period. Help was available almost round the clock, if needed. I found thestaff exceedingly helpful and they always acted very professionally at all times when dealing with any queries from my staff or myself.

With regard to the “YES EMR” program, I found the interface very easy to follow. The display was well thought-out and quite comprehensive. Drop-down menus were strategically placed. Personalization was relatively easy. I was able to personalize encounter menus, access reference material, adapt menus for data entry just to name a few. At every stage, if I needed help, was enthusiastically guided by the “YES EMR” staff.