YES COVID19-Kit Fact Sheet

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YES Medical System

YES Medical System is a leader in the file management industry, and is focused on providing solutions to a broad range of health care practices. YES Medical System has released YES EMR as an innovative solution to healthcare management, electronic health & medical records, file management & imaging, and practice management. We believe in helping healthcare providers maximize quality and minimize costs. We’ve worked with healthcare professionals and continue to do so in order to upgrade and implement new technologies.

The “COVID19-Kit”

YES MEDICAL SYSTEM created the “COVID19-Kit” in response to a recognized need. It’s designed to help Ontario doctors and other health care providers make decisions about current software and hardware requirements.

The “COVID19-Kit” tips will show you why your particular work activities directly influence your software and system requirements.

Use the following questions to evaluate your current and future needs. Make a list of the business and clinical practice issues you want to address.

Contact us for more information. YES Medical System is ISO 13485 certified. COVID-19 has changed the way everyone looks at the world, but we’re here to help.



Where do I start?

  • Talk to your colleagues and co-workers. Find out how they are adjusting to COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Consult the Ontario Medical Association (OMA)
  • Consult The Ministry of Health (MOH) website for additional information on billing during COVID-19.
  • Continually monitor the MOH website for bulletins as some contain time limited and resubmission options and requirements.
  • Contact your current software vendor. If the vendor is no longer in business, the software will have to be replaced.
  • Act Now! The Ministry of Health, and government, have new programs to help you pivot your clinic during COVID-19. Speak to your representatives today.


How do I choose the right Software Provider during COVID-19?

  • If you are looking for a certified EMR solution visit the OntarioMD website.
  • Find a vendor with a proven record in Ontario.
  • Look for dependability, efficient service and competitive prices.


What services am looking to use during the pandemic?

  • VirtualCare Make sure that the system is easy to integrate with your workflow. It is important to find an extensive and thorough training program when digitizing your office. Doing this properly and carefully, the first time, with the right support, will help move your office forward. Be sure your EMR vendor provides guidance and recommendations to suit your needs.
  • Telehealth is a commonly used tool during this pandemic, when used with an EMR system, your charts can be accessible from anywhere. This allows you flexibility for you and your staff to work from home or other sites.
  • eConsult A new EHR tool that allows physicians to consult each other online through a secure system. No more faxes or phone calls.   Only certified vendors currently have access to eConsult through EMRs.  Be sure your EMR vendor provides seamless communications and attaches to patients in your database.


What type of software should I purchase?

  • Do they have the specific features you need?
  • Is there a contract of any kind?
  • Are upgrades included?
  • Is there a monthly fee? Are there any hidden fees?
  • Is this a cloud or local vendor?
  • If paying for a cloud solution, how much will it cost you per claim? Are there additional fees?
  • What is their support like?


What will it cost?

  • The cost of software – YES products are designed to grow with the needs of your clinic and pivot as much as you need to make your lives more efficient and convenient.
  • The cost of hardware – this depends on your clinic needs. YES EMR architecture is flexible, which is meant to run on a wide range of compatible devices.  This may not be the case with other vendors.  Consult us with your device related questions.
  • What else is included – YES includes extensive training as part of our standard options along with customized templates and workflow consultations. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


What else do I need to know during this pandemic?


YES Medical System has many options to consider when looking to transition your practice, whether you want to hold on to your records or pass the torch.  Your practice becomes more attractive to others and yourself as you can transition at your own speed.  YES EMR allows you to export saved electronic files quickly and easily. Speak to one of our consultants.

  • Get connected with
  • Find out more ways to help your practice during the lockdown (eConsult – e-Labs – VirtualCare).



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