Theodore Christakis

Theodore Christakis

Our office has been using YES EMR for almost ten years. In that time, with a dozen users over multiple office sites, we have not had a single episode of downtime due to a problem with the EMR software. The program is robust, reliable, and incredibly powerful. The YES technical team has always been accessible and proficient. They created and continue to improve upon a highly optimized workflow for us.

In my residency training, I worked with numerous other EMRs and no other provider was able to provide the level of customization that YES offers. In a high volume practice, saving even a minute per chart when documenting or billing adds up to hours very quickly. The YES team understands this – they minimize the number of clicks and run a fast front-end so I am not waiting for the program to respond.

YES EMR is also smart – it automatically links my procedure documentation with the appropriate billing codes and suggests them. It also lets me know which codes are available to bill. The templates and forms are customized for each doctor, and the software is integrated with my medical imaging programs. It takes me less time to document which means more time looking at the patient and not at a screen.

What is even more impressive than the software is the YES team. They thoughtfully respond to my questions and implement new features. They have done complete redesigns of our workflow as our technology changed, and continue to add simple tweaks to make my life easier. Despite having numerous clients to manage they make me feel like a VIP.

I wholeheartedly recommend the YES team and their software without hesitation. They provide superior software and excellent service to their clients, and I always look forward to the cool new features when their EMR is updated!

Theodore Christakis, MD, FRCSC