What is a VJ7 / VJ8 error code – Stale Dated Claim?

Stale dated claims are claims that are submitted to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) after the allowable billing period. In other words, these claims are submitted too late and are considered invalid for payment by OHIP.

Submitting stale dated claims can result in significant financial losses for healthcare providers, as they may miss out on valuable revenue that they are entitled to. Moreover, it can also negatively impact patient care and overall operational efficiency.

To avoid such issues, healthcare providers need to ensure that they submit claims within the appropriate billing period. This can be a daunting task, particularly for practices that handle large volumes of claims.

Fortunately, YES Medical System offers a comprehensive billing solution that can help healthcare providers overcome this challenge. With YES Medical System’s billing module, healthcare providers can easily track and manage all their billing activities, ensuring that all claims are submitted within the appropriate timeframe.

Moreover, YES Medical System’s billing module offers real-time validation and error-checking, which ensures that claims are complete and accurate before submission. This not only helps providers avoid claim rejections but also speeds up the payment process, resulting in faster reimbursements.

With YES Medical System we will provide you with the tools necessary, ensuring all claims are submitted on time. This helps reduce the risk of missing billing deadlines and ensures that providers are able to maximize their revenue potential.

In summary, submitting stale dated claims can have a significant impact on healthcare providers’ revenue and overall operational efficiency. With YES Medical System’s comprehensive billing solution, healthcare providers can streamline their billing processes, ensure compliance with billing deadlines, and maximize their revenue potential.

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