eConsult Helps Improve Healthcare Efficiency & Patient Outcomes

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What is eConsult? Ontario’s eConsult program allows Physicians to access specialists directly, greatly enhancing the overall referral process. The referring physician collects electronic lab results, exam information and other important details. The information is then sent directly to a specialist … Continued

Ransomware and Other Digital Tips

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Ransomware encrypts and locks all data on a workstation, system or network. Still unsure? For a simple overview please view this YouTube video (30 sec.): So what’s your best defense? Be aware of everything you receive electronically. Some of the … Continued

Ontario’s eConsult Program

Innovations in healthcare are ready today! Ontario’s eConsult program provides you with access to specialists throughout Ontario, enabling enhanced patient care. Auto-populate patient demographics Communicate with healthcare practitioners regarding a patient’s status Create, send and receive files directly in your … Continued

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