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Google Chrome OS - A Revolution In Operating Systems


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The New Google OS based on Linux

Google has formally announced that they are working on a new operating system called Google Chrome OS. It has long been rumoured on the possibility that Google was working on its own operating system. A few days ago, in the official Google blog Google announced that Google Chrome OS will be the new Google operating system. Google Chrome OS will be an "extension" of Chrome, and will be directed mainly to PC.

In Google Chrome OS web will have great importance

Google Chrome is an OS extension of Chrome, Google's browser. This means that Google Chrome is an operating system on which the Web is of great importance. Hence the word "Chrome" appears in the name of the operating system of Google. In fact, Google Chrome OS uses the "cloud computing", i.e. you can access your information wherever you are, because the data is not on the computer where you install the operating system, as happens now, but is housed on a server. So you can access it from anywhere in the world, if you have internet. The idea for Google Chrome OS is a fairly risky bet, because to have Internet around a territory, you need to be covered with 3G, WiMAX, or any other signal to transmit internet. However, when you go to Google Chrome OS, there are charges of 3G (WiMAX does not look very advanced). So "cheap" may very well play trick to Google.

Google Chrome is an OS for NetBooks

Google Chrome OS would focus on ultra-especially to Netbooks with Intel Atom platforms such as x86 or ARM. This will allow you to go anywhere with any Netbook and able to work with Google Chrome OS as long as there is internet connection.

Google's operating system will use a Linux kernel

Google Chrome OS will also consider a distribution of Linux, which is based on kernel / kernel of Linux. On this Linux kernel, it will run the windows and web applications from Google Chrome OS. Since Google Chrome an OS kernel using Linux, your video should be released to the public, so everyone who wants can have access to it. Also, Google Chrome OS must also be free, something that surely will encourage many people to use Google's operating system.

Mock-ups Show a Google Chrome OS Tablet

The Tablet Revolution